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Isaac Motors wants to ensure safe and continued operations for all our customers with their purchased vehicles, and we take that responsibility seriously!

First we are reminding each customer with his Full Coverage Insurance policy to be current and if due for renewal, please PAY it online or through the phone right away to avoid any lapses in insurance coverage in case of emergencies.

We have been tracking Hurricane Harvey and wanted to communicate what to expect with your vehicle in case any flooding situation. Please try to AVOID driving in any area of high water.

Please report any flooding case asap to your insurance company, take pictures and info of where vehicle is parked or towed to. Let us also know right away by emailing us at Isaacmotors@live.com or calling us at 713-947-6655.

Hurricane Harvey has made landfall Friday evening as a Category 4! Corpus Christi and Houston, being the coastal areas, will be impacted the most with rain already starting to rise. This storm will continue into the weekend and possibly until Wednesday of next week.

We will be in reach of all our customers during this week to check on them and their vehicles. Please make sure to reach out to us as soon as you can to update us about: 1-Vehicle condition 2-any reported claim 3-car insurance status 4-payment status (be ready to make a payment when you call/reach us)

Isaac Motors will work diligently to bring your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible, if you are impacted. Isaac's team knows that family comes first, and you are part of our family. We wanted to let you know that we are standing by to help when the need arises. Please stay safe, secure yourselves, your vehicles all your valuables.

Best Regards,

Marko Isaac | Owner Isaac Motors | Isaacmotors.com E-mail: isaacmotors@live.com Office: 713-947-6655 ---------------------------------------------------------------

-- Adapting to the changes in our world is hard; however, at Isaac Motors, we are striving to meet the wants, needs and requirements of today's consumer. We have committed ourselves to certain goals which we feel will keep us on the leading edge in our commitment to you...THE CUSTOMER.

We'd like to thank you for considering Isaac Motors for your next vehicle purchase. We go the extra mile to earn the business of people who find us on the Web. We promise to have the best quality cars for the lowest down payments. Give us a try and see how well we perform!

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